Pretty in Pink

Author: Kirsten K., Food & Drink, Hot Drinks, Tea

Pretty in Pink 1Prepare to swoon over this blushing brew, which smells like caramel, tastes like candied almonds, and provides an unexpected pop of color. In its dry state, the Caramel Almond Amaretti tea from Teavana is beautiful enough to use as potpourri. Pretty in Pink 2A fragrant medley including chopped cinnamon sticks, dried apple and coconut, the blend has the warm shades of toffee and honey, which give no hint to the vibrant color of the final brew. On its own, the steeped tea is a hot pink, while the addition of milk transforms it into the soft hue of cotton candy. In either case, it’s a showstopper. Set it out at your next tea party and watch guests marvel at the transformation, or just treat yourself—you deserve it! The intoxicating aroma and warm, comforting flavor make this a swoon-worthy tea to have on hand.

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Teavana Caramel Almond Amaretti Tea

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