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I have long hair, and while I generally swoon over luxuriant tresses, I keep mine long more out of convenience than aesthetics. While there’s a lot of it, my hair is fine and prone to tangling, so I usually brush it out in the morning and twist it into a bun to keep it from ratting up during the day.

Untangled 1

My own personal weather barometer.

My hair falls somewhere between wavy and curly, but not the smooth, glossy waves you see in a shampoo ad. I sport a perpetual halo of frizz that has defied all attempts to tame it. There are times in my life when I’ve worn my hair short, but it’s typically an unruly mess. I’m fortunate to live in Southern California where the air is dry. On those occasions when I’ve visited areas with high humidity, I look like Monica from The One in Barbados.

Untangled 2

photo credit: Melissa Elliott

I have painful—literally—memories of having my hair brushed as a child, and both combing my hair when it’s wet and brushing it when it’s dry have been a chore for most of my life…until, that is, I found two miraculous products that have turned this child’s nightmare into child’s play.

The first is the Hair Fitness® Detangling Comb. It has rounded metal teeth that move independently of each other within the plastic base of the comb. As a result, they “dance” around tangles instead of forcing their way through and making things worse. It’s always best to work from the ends of the hair up, and it may take a minute or two to unravel the worst of the knots, but once you do, the comb just glides through the hair like a hot knife through butter.

Untangled 3Recently, I discovered the Wet Brush. I was looking for a new hairbrush to replace my unwieldy paddle brush and liked the natural bamboo of their Earth Collection, which complemented my set of body brushes. However, this brush turns out to be a champion detangler. It was created specifically to detangle wet hair, but its IntelliFlex™ bristles work equally well on hair that is dry—and frizzy.

With my Hair Fitness® comb in one hand and the Wet Brush in the other, I no longer tangle with tangles. There are no more tears or tears (get it?). If trying to detangle your hair causes you to snarl, stop tying yourself up in knots and snag one—or both—of these handy tools.

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Hair Fitness® Detangling Comb
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The Wet Brush is also available from Amazon.


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