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Cute Sweet 1I consider myself something of a chocolate snob. I dislike the term “chocoholic,” because it implies the indiscriminate and uncontrolled consumption of any and all forms of chocolate, regardless of quality (although, there have been times, I won’t lie). An appreciator of fine wine is referred to as an oenophile, rather than a winoholic or an alcoholic, so I guess that would make me a chocophile.

My family and friends are aware of this and have been conscientious about searching out the good stuff when it comes to gift giving. Recently, my cousin presented me with a box from Mignon, a chocolatier in Glendale, California that was new to me. I’m sure she was gratified when I read through their selection guide and squealed with delight over the pictures and descriptions of the chocolates, which she had hand-selected. After all, a gift of quality chocolate must be given its proper due.

Cute Sweet 2I savored these beauties over the days that followed, taking care to store them properly in the infernal heat of late summer in Southern California. I know people (I won’t mention a specific name, but it rhymes with “thirsty”) who keep chocolates for weeks or even months, but these types of handmade confections without preservatives need to be consumed within a week, at most. Shockingly, this does not pose a problem for me.

Two things I look for in a box of fine chocolates are a good temper and pronounced flavor. I love to feel the snap of a glossy shell give way to a creamy center, especially when the ganache is infused enough that I can truly taste the essence(s). Kirsti and I are always disappointed when the flavors that have lured us end up being so subtle that you only get a hint. The temper of these chocolates put me in good humor and the flavors were both inventive and conspicuous. My favorites were the Ginger with Lime Sea Salt, Cuban Mojito, Earl Grey Tea, Lavender, and Triple Crunch, which had four distinct textures.

Although the name Mignon is a French word meaning “cute,” this business made its way to America from Ukraine by way of Iran through three generations of an Armenian family. Chocolate isn’t the only thing that’s melting in the pot. So if you want to experience a treat that has withstood the test of time, distance, and culture, get yourself a box of these delicious chocolates tout de suite!

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Mignon Chocolate


If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, you can order Mignon chocolates from the company’s website, where their fun Build-Your-Box feature allows you to create your own assortment by clicking and dragging chocolates into a virtual box.


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