All’s Well That Ends S’well

Author: Kirsten K., Cold Drinks, Food & Drink, Hot Drinks, Wellness

You might find this hard to s’wallow, but when I chose the S’well water bottle as one of my picks for our Holiday G.I.F.T. Guide, I didn’t actually have one of my own—yet. My employer had been bringing her 25 oz. bottle to work each day for months and s’wore that it was the best water bottle she’d ever used, but I was unconvinced. While I always made sure to reuse and recycle my water bottles, I figured one would do as well as another and used whatever was on hand, but her enthusiasm for this bottle began to s’way me.

S'well 1I asked what made it so special and she s’wiftly told me that the neck fit comfortably in her hand and she liked the smooth feel and weight of the bottle. The cap was simple to remove and replace, and the wide mouth made it easy to take a s’wig of liquid. The stainless steel interior gave her peace of mind, knowing that nothing harmful would leach into her water as it s’wished around in the bottle throughout the day. She also loved the s’wank gold finish that she’d chosen from the company’s Metallic Collection.

I got s’wept away by her zeal and decided to recommend it as a gift pick, planning to buy one for myself when the holidays were over, but she beat me to it. Among my Christmas s’wag I found a 17 oz. S’well bottle in my favorite color: green. In fact, it’s the exact same bottle as the one in the picture I used for the G.I.F.T. Guide, even though she s’wears she never saw our post. To prevent my co-worker from s’wiping my bottle, she bought her a S’well as well.

S'well 2I s’wapped my old water bottles out for my new one and have been using it exclusively for the past month. I can now say with authority that this bottle is to s’woon for. I primarily use it to brew tea, so I appreciate that it keeps drinks hot for 12 hours, but I still can’t figure out how the steam doesn’t escape with a powerful s’woosh when I remove the cap. The bottle also keeps liquids cold for 24 hours, as my employer can attest, since she left the bottle in her s’weltering car last summer, only to take a drink and find that the water was still cold. Whether it’s s’weater weather or s’weating weather, this is the only bottle you’ll need.

S’well bottles come in a variety of styles, from s’wirls of color in matte finishes to shimmering solids with a glossy shine, so s’wing over to their website and have a look. The company’s mission is to rid the world of plastic bottles while supporting charities that make s’weeping improvements to drinking water safety and access for communities throughout the world, so ditch the plastic and make the s’witch to S’well.

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