The Devil Made Me Queue It

Author: Kirsten K., Entertainment, Television

For the past few weeks, I’ve been swooning over a fiendishly fun new show on Fox called Lucifer. If you haven’t heard of it, the premise is that the angel Lucifer, bored with ruling Hell, decides to take an extended vacation in Los Angeles, where he runs a nightclub. His immortality, supernatural good looks, and ability to draw out people’s deepest desires make him one arrogant Antichrist, but events in the pilot episode throw him into the path of a pretty police detective who seems immune to his charms and is more than capable of holding her own with this silver-tongued devil.

The Devil Made Me Queue It

All the standard tropes of a police procedural-slash-romcom are here, but the demonic twist turns this into something original (like sin): a Beelzebuddy cop show. It’s like Castle set in L.A., if Richard Castle was the Angel of Darkness instead of the author of Derrick Storm, but actor Tom Ellis imbues Lucifer with so much sex appeal and devilish glee that I’d follow him into the Second Circle…and a second season. His irreverent humor and complete lack of shame remind me of Spike, only with darker hair and a sharper wardrobe. Definitely a Satan Worthy Of Our Notice.

As of this writing, the first few episodes are still available to watch online, so slither over to the Fox website and check them out, because they won’t be there for eternity. Once you’ve been subjected to this King of Babylon, you’ll want to babble on about him to all your friends like I did, gathering new minions for Lucifer. The only downside is living in limbo as we endure the infernal wait for each new episode. Hell and damnation!

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Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox at 9:00 (8:00 Central).

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