Der Commissary’s in Town

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Commissary 1Although my sister is no longer married, she is still good friends with my former brother-in-law David, who joins our family for most holidays and stops by my house on occasion for a chat. On one such visit a few months ago, he held out a plastic-wrapped square and told me to take a taste. His knowing look put me on guard, because he can be a prankster, but that first ambrosial bite revealed that he was letting me in on a delicious secret.

He had discovered the salted caramel krispie treats from Commissary, a bakery and café in Burbank, California, that clearly doesn’t realize the salt mine it’s sitting on, or it would be selling these scrumptious squares far and wide. I have tried my share of salted caramel in everything from ice cream to waffles, but these caramel commissars have achieved the perfect balance of salty, sweet, crispy, and gooey in one compact confection.

Commissary 2

Now, every time David visits, he brings me a krispie treat or two, which is a problem, since he’s gotten me hooked and doesn’t visit nearly enough (David, call me!). In fact, I was somewhat reluctant to post about this delectable dessert, because none of Commissary’s four locations around Los Angeles ships its sweets by mail. Unless you live in L.A., you are S.O.L. (Salt Outta Luck), but if you happen to march into a Commissary and seize this salty-sweet treat, you’ll find yourself ordering three squares a day.

S.W.O.O.N. Stamp
Stuff Worthy Of Our Notice™ in this post:

Commissary Salted Caramel Krispie Treat


If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area and want to sample this salty sweet, I suggest you contact the company and try to swoon talk someone into sending you one. Or a case.


Alles klar? For those who don’t get ’80s musical references, enjoy.


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