Author: Kirsten K., Author: Kirsti K., Holidays


♪ ♫ When a new moon is nigh,
But the werewolves still cry,
That’s a Monday.

When a sky black as pitch
Hides the flight of a witch,
That’s a Monday.

Little feet running down each street, 
Calls of “Trick-or-treat!”
Candy trade deals are soon struck.

Even though moonlight doesn’t show,
Pumpkins are aglow,
Leaving everyone swoonstruck.♩ ♬

Happy Howloween

🎃 Happy Howloween! 🎃



“The Howling” pumpking carving pattern from Pumpkin Masters (adapted from a design by Tod O’Daniel).


R.S.V.P. (Respondents Swoon Very Politely) Please

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