Tea for 2

Author: Kirsten K., Author: Kirsti K., Food & Drink, Hot Drinks, Tea


♪ ♫ Here at The Swoon Society
There’s tea for two and two for tea
To toast our anniversary with you…♩ ♬

The Swoon Society turns 2 today!

Join the chorus (and the Doris)
as we celebrate with the festive
Birthday Cake blend from DAVIDsTEA.


☕ Cheers to two great years! ☕

Happy Swooniversary!



3 thoughts on “Tea for 2

  1. The name of the tea is enticing … the ingredient statement … not so much. I had no idea so many chemicals went into producing flavorful teas. I certainly will be mindful to ask/check from now on. ☕️

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  2. Congratulations to the Swoon Society on its second anniversary! Thank you for all the wonderful articles on so many different things. You have broadened my world immensely. Please keep up the good work and keep us informed on all the good products out there.

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