Fantastic Four

Author: Kirsten K., Author: Kirsti K.


♪ ♫ On an internet adventure,
They wrote posts while in a daze,
And the two were changed forever,
In some most swoon-worthy ways.

So raise a cheer, it’s here:
The blog turns four! Fantastic Four!
♩ ♬


💥Happy 4th Swooniversary!💥


Lyrics adapted from the opening theme of the 1994-1996 Fantastic Four television show based on the comic book series.


3 thoughts on “Fantastic Four

  1. Congratulations on Swoon’s fourth anniversary! I do enjoy your comments and information on a vast array of subjects. You have certainly broadened my West Texas horizons!


  2. YEA!!!!! Kirsti can make a Swoon Worthy cake and you can celebrate in style!!! Enjoy your posts!!!!!💕🎂🌺🥳


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