Cruel Beans

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Groundwork Organic Bitches Brew CoffeeWe’ve returned from hiatus to interrupt this season already in progress with Breaking Brews! Since surrendering to the inevitable and becoming a constituent of coffee culture, I have been trying an endless variety of brands and blends. This month, inspired by the season, I opted for the Bitches Brew from Groundwork Coffee Co.

It has been well-established that I am NOT a morning person, so bagging this bitchy blend was a no-brainer. Organic and fair trade with a robust, yet smooth, flavor, this bad-tempered brew is actually a charmer. Invoking notes of dark chocolate and caramel, it has cast a spell over my morning ritual.

Recently, I’ve been trying to bring back the phrase “Cool beans!” While it’s been difficult to convince my legume-loathing friends (“Why you gotta bring beans into it?”) that this extended family encompasses both coffee and cacao, these “cruel beans” from Groundwork might just weave a little black magic with their deliciously dark roast.

I may be late to the game, but Groundwork is not. Established in 1990 right here in Southern California, this small batch roaster has clearly mastered the art of Bitch-craft, so conjure up a cup of this wicked good coffee and you’ll spend the day flying high.

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Bitches Brew


For more festive fun, try their Black Magic espresso or spooky Supernatural blend with hints of candy corn and fruit punch.


5 thoughts on “Cruel Beans

  1. I still say “cool beans” every once in a while. It brings me back to 1994, which was a time when I was bright-eyed and full of energy and not dependent upon coffee. Your Supernatural blend has me very intrigued as candy corn is my favorite Halloween treat, and you can’t go wrong with fruit punch!

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    1. I was in Hollywood today and found myself right across the street from a Groundwork café, so I popped in and bought a bag of the Supernatural blend. They gave me a black pumpkin pin and a free large coffee with purchase. I will try these cool beans and report back! ☕


    2. After grinding and brewing these beans, I must admit that, while the flavor is interesting, I did not detect any essence of candy corn or fruit punch. 😞 However, I also did not employ the professional protocol for “cupping” coffee by sucking it “violently into [my] mouth while taking a breath,” as outlined in the link below. 😮🥄☕ I will have to try that next time before rendering my final verdict. 👩‍⚖️⚖️

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