Knives Out

Author: Kirsten K., Fashion, Holidays, Pop Culture

Vinca Chef's Knife AccessoriesWhen someone in my online book group recently shared a picture of the Chef’s Knife hair clip from Vinca, I knew I’d be looking sharp this Halloween.

I honed in on the company’s website and found a slew of edgy adornments that whetted my appetite for more. In addition to hair accessories like barrettes and bobby pins, their Chef’s Knife collection encompasses earrings, brooches, chokers, and necklaces.

Vinca Heart of Aghast Brooch

But wait, there’s more!

This cutting-edge category also includes clever cleavers and macabre machetes, along with anatomical heart hoops and brooches with removable blades. So whether you want jewelry for heart slitting or hair clips for part splitting, Vinca’s got its knives out for you.

Vinca Mini Knife Hair ClipsMy order arrived in iridescent wrapping with a sticker showing two chef’s knives, an alien, and a Ouija planchette (themes that appear among their other accessories) with the words, “What the Weirdos Wear.” Vinca, you cut straight to the heart of me!

If you have a keen fashion sense, carve out some time to explore their entire selection and collect the whole set!

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Vinca Knives Collection


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