Author: Kirsten K., Author: Kirsti K., Crafts, History, Holidays


As told in the Eddas and myths of Old Norse,
A battlefield hosts a concealed female force.
These ladies of lore have a critical role
In choosing the home of a warrior’s soul.

To Odin or Freya they act as a guide,
Ascending the heavens as in Wagner’s “Ride,”
Conveying slain heroes to hall or to field
And leading the way with a fierce maiden’s shield.

But once they arrive, let the feasting begin,
With tankards of mead shared among godly kin,
Until this formidable feminine corps
Is summoned again by perpetual war.

So on this occasion when spirits roam free,
You might catch a glimpse of a winged Valkyrie
Awaiting new souls from the great in-between
And stalking the night on this Valhallaween.


🛡️⚔️ Happy Halloween, Swooners! 🍺🎃


Valkyrie image based on a silhouette by Warmtail and carved using tools from Pumpkin Masters.


R.S.V.P. (Respondents Swoon Very Politely) Please

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