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Author: Kirsten K., Beauty, Wellness

(For men who think that this post does not apply to them, read or scroll to the end.)

ProMeno Women's Wild Yam CreamYears ago, I worked at an alternative healthcare center where a client casually mentioned to me that she actually enjoyed her monthly cycle, seeing it as a time of cleansing and renewal. I just sat there with my mouth agape. I had never before heard those words from another woman, particularly the ones in my family, whose hormonal fluctuations could give Six Flags a run for its money.

I mentioned this to my neighbor, who has a wealth of knowledge about biochemistry and natural remedies, having worked with a multinational nutraceutical company for the past two decades. She told me about a medicinal herb called wild yam that can help balance the endocrine system and smooth out the rollercoaster.

While researching the subject on my own, I came across MoonMaid Botanicals, a company that produces creams and salves containing wild yam, which, according to their literature, is most effective when absorbed through the skin. I read some compelling explanations of how wild yam can assist the body to produce progesterone—a balancer of estrogen and testosterone—but their products seemed to be marketed primarily to menopausal and perimenopausal women. Knowing (hoping!) that this was still years away for me, I bookmarked the website and moved on.

ProAndro Men's Wild Yam Cream

“I yam what I yam.” Even big, strong men like Popeye can benefit from the hormone-balancing effects of wild yam.

About a year ago, I suddenly started breaking out like a teenager and experiencing mood swings. Having just read about how women of all ages should use a progesterone cream due to the prevalence of estrogen mimickers in our food and environment, I decided it was time to get some wild yam and get off this wild ride. I found the bookmark and placed an order with MoonMaid Botanicals for their ProMeno Women’s Wild Yam Cream.

The first thing I noticed was that it had a lovely aroma and silky texture. After using it regularly for a few weeks, both my skin and my emotions began to settle down. My next “moon cycle” was a breeze, and each subsequent month has gotten easier. Coincidence? Conceivably. Placebo effect? Possibly. But when two women at work complained of hot flashes and I recommended ProMeno, they bought it and said that their symptoms went away. Why didn’t I discover this stuff in my teens?!

RadiantRose Nite CreamWild yam even has benefits for men, who can experience andropause and are exposed to the same estrogen mimickers as women. To help balance testoterone, MoonMaid Botanicals offers a ProAndro Men’s Wild Yam Cream, which also contains herbs that support prostate health.

The company sells a number of other bath and skincare products, my favorite of which is the RadiantRose Nite Cream—a rich, fragrant moisturizer with a natural pink blush that will make your skin petal-soft—but they are small potatoes next to the wonders of wild yam. So whether you’re having hot flashes or you’re just a hot mess, get a case of ProMeno Swoondrome and chill out.

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ProMeno Women’s Wild Yam Cream
ProAndro Men’s Wild Yam Cream
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MoonMaid Botanicals’ all-natural creams do not contain synthetic preservatives, so I like to stay extra chill and protect my products by storing them in the refrigerator.


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